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Factory Updates

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, the government has taken action to control the virus, resulting in temporary factory closures. This will effect our production lines and delay current orders at this time. We deeply apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We hope to resume production as soon as possible putting the health of our workers as our first priority.

Latest Factory Updates:

26/02/2020- Our factories have now reopened following permission from the government. In some factories only 70% of the workers have returned to work, but we can now continue with current and future orders.

24/02/2020- Our pin factory has updated us that they have got permission from the government to reopen and will reopen the factory tomorrow. Around 70% of the workers will return to work at this time.

18/02/2020- The factories have informed us that they will receive information from the Chinese government this week whether the standard quality production line can resume work. Our premium quality factory has resumed to work but are still having labor shortage issues.

13/02/2020- Our embroidery and woven patch factory aim to resume work this week. However the shipping schedule for these are slower than before with approx 40% production capacity.

11/02/2020 - Still awaiting factory updates. Status remains the same.

10/02/2020 - Pin and patch factories remain closed at this time and have applied to resume to work today with paper work submitted to the government. The team have essential quarantine equipment in place and are currently waiting for their applications to be approved before production can resume.

6/02/2020 - Factories have informed us that a third of workers will return to work next week as they aim to open on 10th February. They have all the latest equipment to ensure a safe working environment and the wellbeing of workers which include daily sterilizing of factory areas.

3/02/2020 - We have an update that factories will resume work on the 10th February and have preventive measures within their factories, putting the wellbeing of their workers at the forefront of the operation.

31/01/2020 - Factories were due to reopen after the Chinese New Year, however due to unforeseen circumstances of the Coronavirus, factories have delayed reopening under instruction from the Chinese government. Updates will be announced as soon as possible.

If you require any further information regarding a current order please get in touch with our team via email. We are still in communication with factory offices so can try our best to provide information on your order as quickly as possible. You can stay up to date with our factory status via this post. 

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10 February 2020