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Go Team GB!

Our incredible athletes are certainly doing us proud at the Olympics and are winning medals left, right and centre. Perhaps Team GB have inspired you to push yourself and your team further in your expertise - they’ve certainly motivated us! If you’re acting like an Olympian, it’s only fair you get treated like one too! 

Show Recognition

Custom medals are the perfect reward for any achievement, no matter what area you’re in, whether that be sports, business or something completely different! Our medals are a great way to show gratitude towards someone and their efforts. We crave recognition, so a simple custom medal can brighten their day and push them to strive for more. Win-win situation! 

Build Your Brand Image

Custom medals allow you to build upon your brand image. Depending on your company’s appearance, you can tailor the medals to align with your ethics and stature. Whether you’re a sports club and want to show your competitive side or a quirky business that would like to inject some fun into your medals, we are here to help, and the possibilities are endless! 

Advertise Your Business 

Not only do medals show your appreciation for your team, but they also subtly advertise your business or club. Your medals can display your company name and logo, which can help increase awareness about your event and show you appreciate your team members and are committed to rewarding your party. 

People love to show off their achievements, and your medals could be no different! Winners are often proud of their accomplishments, which could lead to them sharing on social media, giving you free exposure to your brand! 


We offer different colours and plating options to suit your needs and can be created within your budget and aesthetic needs. Why not create different colour variations in bronze, silver and gold to praise different levels?

Get Started

Are you looking to get started? Email our team at to kickstart the design process. Don’t worry if you’re not the best at thinking of creative ideas - our in-house design team is here to help you every step of the way. If you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out our Instagram.

Made by Cooper
6 August 2021

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