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Halloween Pinspiration

Creep it real this Halloween and get your products in production now to give yourself time to promote, sell and distribute your products for promotional or sale purposes. 

Halloween is a great time to create a limited addition range filled with themed products throughout the spooky season. Why not get creative this year by adding extras to your pin badges with glow in the dark, glitter or moving qualities as exclusives to your Halloween collection.

If you are looking to sell your products, our Premium Enamel Badges are perfect for businesses seeking a high quality product. Our Premium Enamel Badges are made in the same way as our regular enamel badges but are subject to much higher quality control. 

Patches, Temporary Tattoos and Promotional Jewellery are also a fun and effective ways to get your customers treating themselves this Halloween. Our Promotional Jewellery can be used to bring you ideas to life in the form of Necklaces, Earring and Cufflinks.  

Need some pinspiration? Head over to our Instagram to get inspired this Halloween or get in touch at to get started! 

Photo credit: @nachoscratcho - Moving hard enamel pin. 

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