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Made by Cooper in Tanzania!

As many of you will know, at Made by Cooper we support charities on a monthly basis. We regularly run a monthly giveaway where charities have the chance to win a variety of our products.

Not long back, we created wristbands for Huddersfield based charity The Town Foundation, which are distributed at various fundraising events to support on going funding and generating promotion and awareness for the charity. 

The Town Foundation aims to help improve the quality of life for young people across Huddersfield and West Yorkshire through its early morning kick off breakfast clubs which serve up to 1000 healthy breakfasts each school day to deserving children in the community. 

It is a pleasure to provide The Town Foundation with wristbands that are used at the forefront of the charity to raise important funds for school children.

On Sunday evening we discovered our wristbands had made it all the way to Tanzania! Not only a fantastic achievement for ourselves, but huge congratulations to The Town Foundation for spreading the word around the world about their charity! 

The wristbands were distributed by a Bea Mills, who works at Huddersfield Town Football Club, and was travelling with a youth group from West Yorkshire. The group were lucky enough to visit residential houses and have the locals cook them traditional African dishes. Bea commented,

“All the people who were given a wristband were so grateful and overwhelmed that they have been given the smallest of gifts. It was an incredible and humbling experience to give someone such a meaningful memento.”

We are delighted to be a part of such a momentous trip! 

Made by Cooper
15 July 2015

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