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Merchandise Meets Marketing

If you are looking for new ways to inject some fun into your marketing strategies, branded merchandise can do just that. Customised products can draw the right attention, and gain recognition for your brand.

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, wearing your personal logo can feel like a great achievement. Even more so when you see others wearing your design too. Adding your design to merchandise such as pinssocks and patches can help show off your brands personality and build a emotional connection with your clients.

With our high quality products, you can be sure to rock your designs whether they are for sale or promotional purposes. Maybe you are an independent business looking for a strong brand identity? Wearing pin badges on your uniform can shine professionalism from the get go. Use your organisations logo, colour pallets or graphics to stand out against the crowd. Why not involve your clients to give them a sense of exclusivity? Handing out promotional items is a fun way to personalise a clients experience and create foundations for a great relationship.

If you are creating branded merchandise to sell in-store or within an online shop, it can be an beneficial way to maximise your visibility with little cost or budget. Custom products can have low unit costs but a large impact on your marketing needs. It allows people to invest and be inclusive of your brand, if they do not have the budget to buy higher priced items.

Send over your designs and ideas to our in house design team at to get started with your products today. If you are looking for some pinspiration be sure to check out our Instagram and Pinterest.

Made by Cooper
10 July 2020

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