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Colourful trolley coin holders that can be personalised.

Trolley Coin Holders

A trolley coin keyring with attachment and split ring.

Sorry, we just couldn't resist, but with the release of the new iPhone5 C we had to pay homage with our range of Trolley Coin Holders in various powder coated colours aswel as shiny metallic colours.

There are two main types of trolley coins we produce, Trolley Coin Holders and trolley coin swivel keyrings. The trolley coin holders doesn't need to have a hole in the top centre and therefore can utilise more design space. The hole in the top greatly reduces space we have for the design, we can't curve text round the top like web site domains which can make the design look unbalanced. The Trolley Coin Holder, doesn't have this problem, as we can use the whole of the space available. Both designs can cater for the Euro coin to.

We have various shapes in the trolley coin holders, such as heart, house, egg and oval shapes.

Get in touch for more details and an estimate.

Made by Cooper
12 September 2013
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