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What’s Your Love Pinterest?

I'm sure if St Valentine was still around we would be getting him an affiliate link and sorting him with some rad Made by Cooper merch. But for you, we can switch up your designs and turn them into custom made products for any seasonal holiday. 

If you are thinking of creating products for an occasion like Valentines but not sure where to start, our skilled in house design team can help you get started. We asked our designers about their personal style when creating and here is what they had to say:

Elenor: I love creating images with bright colours, cute illustrations and typography. I take a lot of inspiration from quotes turning them into fun, happy, graphics for everybody to relate to.

Adom: I like making patterns and type that use bold colours and sharp lines. I like to create a statement using different typography and add a digital element to my work.

Luke: My style is generally black and white and consists of still life, natural textures and topographic forms.

Jacob: I prefer a more technical style, I like isometric and axonometric drawing, clean bold lines and flat colours which translates well to working here. 

This does not mean the final product will change with each designer, our skilled team are here to bring you the best quality product at a consistent professional standard. We simply like to add diversity to our team with our talented designers at the heart of it. 

So whether it is socks, pins or patches that is 'your love pinterest' this season get in touch today or head over to our Instagram gallery for all your Pinspiration. 

Made by Cooper
24 January 2020