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Charity PinWall Jigsaw

If you follow us on social media then you might have seen our PinWall, 12.5m² of cork that we add all the pins we've made to. We thought it might be nice to create something with it, so we decided to create a jigsaw.

Available in 3 sizes, 260, 500 & 1000 pieces! Each jigsaw uses a slightly different view of the PinWall. In the 260 size we've removed explicit pins in hope to make it more family friendly. The 500 & 1000 sizes are not edited so contains adult related material. 

260 piece 25 x 34 cm (9.9" x 13.4")
500 piece (explicit) 34 x 48 cm (13.4" x 18.9")
1000 piece (explicit) 48 x 68 cm (18.9" x 26.8")

Choose your size

  • £19.50
    260 Pieces In Stock (44)
  • £30.00
    500 Pieces In Stock (6)
  • £39.00
    1000 Pieces In Stock (7)

This jigsaw is purely for fun, we are donating all profits from these to two local charities below

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