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Football Pride

Last month we created pin badges for Football Pride, an online event celebrating and raising awareness to fight against homophobia in football.

Football Pride was originally founded in 2010 and the organization says "we want football to take a clear stand against homophobia and transphobia so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful game and so that football leads the way in removing discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity".

The event took place on Saturday 25th July with the goal to connect the LGBTIQ+ football community. We had great pleasure in making these pin badges for the online event and seeing them being worn with pride.

Pin Badges are a popular and affordable way to promote awareness with cost effective options to encourage funds against a budget. If you are looking to raise awareness in line of a charity or fundraising event, check out our blog post and see how you could be entitled to zero VAT rating if you are a registered charity.

We are proud to have made these powerful pin badges for such an important organization and we would like to thank the team for trusting us to create these, to celebrate Football Pride.

To read more, head over to the official website and twitter page.

Made by Cooper
6 August 2020

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