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St Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish culture that has evolved into a global festival where people celebrate with parades, music, drinking and anything green! We have some pins to show you that will make you green with envy and make you want to create your own! 

Unbe-leaf-table Idea

Four-leaf clovers are associated with luck, love, hope and faith, and Dani White has had the perfect solution to spreading that this St Patrick’s Day. She has added the four-leaf-clover clover pin we created for her to a St Patrick’s Day greeting card. Dani White made a stunning four-leaf clover that she has added to a St Patrick’s greeting card that can be sent as a lovely gesture to family and friends. The pin serves a two-in-one purpose, making the card look extra special, but the pin can be kept for a lifetime. If you don’t have greeting cards to attach them to, why not create your personalised backing cards and do something similar? There is no limit to what you choose on your backing card - any text, colour, or design! They’re a great way to add details through text and illustrations - add your business links so people can easily find you! Why not take a leaf out of Dani White’s book and create pins that can be attached to cards? 

Green With Envy

Seeing as though it’s St Patrick’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to show off some of the wonderful green creations that we have produced! These pins have been designed by some of our lovely clients and created by us! We’re sure they will make you green with envy and inspire you to create your own. 

Green Frog 

When you envisage green, frogs can often hop to the forefront of your mind! We love this cutie by Hazelnut Spread. They opted for a green colour-plated background, making the pin pop and look stunning! 

Green Clover Earrings 

How cute are these four-leaf clover earrings by Connor Stansfield? These delicate earrings boast the lucky charm and bring the four-leaf clover to life, hopefully bringing you some extra luck every day! 

Earrings are a great way to turn your art into something wearable and show off your creations to the world through jewellery form! We can make earrings either in stud style like these beauties or you can create hanging enamel earrings for something a little bit different.

Green Awareness Ribbon 

Awareness ribbons are used worldwide to symbolise specific causes and aim to bring public awareness to health and medical conditions, disabilities and other issues. Some examples are mental health awareness, dwarfism and cerebral palsy. Have you got a cause close to your heart and want to bring attention to the topic? Create awareness ribbons in any colour to spread your cause far and wide. Natur 

Nature Inspired Keyring 

Green should always be seen! So, why not add green to your keyring collection and create beautiful nature-inspired accessories like Ashley Proud

Whether you’re drinking plenty of Guinness or looking for luck at the end of a rainbow, we hope you have a great St Patrick's Day, whatever you may be doing! Don’t forget pins are for life, not just Paddy’s Day, so get in touch if you want a helping hand creating your custom merchandise! 

Made by Cooper
17 March 2022
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