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Casual Connoisseur Walsh Trainers with Made by Cooper produced lace tags.

Casual Co PVC Trainer Tags

Going on sale today are the Casual Connoisseur Lostock's made by UK sports footwear manufacturer, Walsh. We think they look great and we had a very small part in the finished product! We made the little lace tags which finish the trainer off nicely (we think)!

A rubber lace tag that says

Tom at Casual Co sent us over a rough sketch of what they had in mind, which we did a quick mock up of and took the dimensions of laces and where it would sit to get a perfect fit. We made the Tags out of our soft PVC range, this works nicley so that the tag bends to the curve of the trainer but keeps its strength.

We are happy with how they turned out.

Finished PVC trainer tag
  • 32mm soft PVC tag
  • Two lace holes
  • Two colour with raised wording


Photo credit Casual Connoisseur

Made by Cooper
4 November 2013

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