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Charity Wedding Favour Pin Badges

Against Breast Cancer UK recently contacted us with several new ideas and designs to help them create some new lapel pin badges for their fundraising campaigns and create a range of pin badges to be used as wedding favours that fit with their brand whilst looking pretty.

Why Wedding Favours?

One of the ideas behind charity wedding pin badge favours is to support the charities that themselves or loved ones may have encountered or been endorsed by - it's a great way to support that charity and spread awareness on their special day. 

Other ideas are guests are asked to donate to the charities instead of buying a gift, and then each guest receives a little pin badge to say thanks and help raise support and awareness.

It’s also a way to remember lost loved ones on a special occasion and give back to the charity that helped them in their time of need.

What did we do?

They sent us a long list of designs they wished to explore, and so our team were on hand to guide them through the pros and cons of each design, how we could make it and which areas may need to be adjusted for production.

"My colleague is a graphic designer, but obviously not specialised in badge design! So we are happy to go with any changes you recommend."

"My colleague is a graphic designer, but obviously not specialised in badge design! So we are happy to go with any of the changes you recommend."

A infographic that shows how a digital drawing of pink bra is turned into an enamel pin badge.

We helped narrow it down to two designs – An ornate gold-plated ribbon and a gold-plated bra with a little imitation jewel in the centre.

A digital drawing of a golden bra and a golden awareness ribbon that will be turned into charity pin badges.

Extra Details

We added a 2mm Gemstone to each badge for extra detail you can see in the designs. They had also seen some backing cards produced by another charity that incorporated a ribbon tied to the backing card, which they asked us to help replicate. So, our team got to work by modifying the backing cards to their requirements. We collaborated to choose the ribbon colours closest to their brand colours until everyone was happy with the outcome.

Three images of different coloured ribbons used to jazz up pin badge backing cards.
Four charity pin badges on backing cards, two cards face forward showng the bra & ribbon pins, two cards facing backwards

Final Product

Our hard work resulted in some beautiful pin badges with custom-made backing cards that looked right at home at a stunning wedding.

Against Breast Cancer UK Wedding Pin Favours are available to buy through their website or via their eBay store, with all proceeds going directly back into the charity to help raise funds for research to prevent the secondary spread of Breast Cancer, which is one of the leading causes of breast-cancer related deaths.

A golden bra enamel pin badge on a pink backing card with a pink ribbon attached to raise money for charity.
A golden breast cancer awareness ribbon pin badge on a beige backing card and brown ribbon. The back of the card is red.
Made by Cooper
2 February 2023
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