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Creative Hour With Ben Hamilton

This weeks 'Creative Hour' feature is by Ben Hamilton, a creative coffee enthusiast from Belfast. Ben's next venture is 'Process' and here he chats about how he is incorporating his creativity into his business and branding. Check out everything he has to say below:

Hey! I’m Ben. (and if I’m right, I’m the third Ben in a row to jump into this creative hour concept?!) ha.

I’m a coffee professional based out of Belfast NI, and currently I’m in the midst of starting up a new venture called ‘Process’. Formerly I co-founded and project managed the killer coffee shop Guilt Trip, which I’ve been working on for the past 3 years. I made the move to step away into the great unknown right around the time covid kicked off. Great timing right…

Whilst working in the coffee industry I have always seen the necessity for strong branding. One, because things that look rad are rad, but also because having a strong, coherent, and consistent brand, strategy, and message around your business is crucial to articulating who and what you are about. Especially if you have a story to tell, and with coffee, the story is global and super dynamic.

I am not a designer but I thankfully have a colleague/best friend who I have been able to work with on all my projects to date. The goal is always to discover the story that needs to be told, and then tell it real well! Check out @angelandanchor (he’s called Ben too! Not kidding haha) With my current project, I am loving having a creative outlet again within the broader coffee world and being able to translate process into it. Process is about collaboration and community; and as I work as a coffee strategy consultant, as well as run a coffee and lifestyle supply co. I want to lead by example on this.  No man is an island and we are always stronger together.

Bringing it way on back to why I wanted to share on Made by Cooper’s new creative hour concept, pins are a subtle way to share your brand with the world and allow your community a simple option and way to buy in to you, your brand, and who they are. They have definitely helped me do this and I ain’t going to stop using them. Pins forever!

I have just received my first pin run and once again I am blown away by the detail and quality on it. I’ll be using it to help launch the process website over the next few weeks.  Hyped is an understatement!
Thanks heaps for reading this, and if you’re into coffee + rad stuff let’s hang out! @pr_cess and

Thank you Ben for sharing, we look forward to see where your imagination and pin journey will take you. Thank you to our followers for reading and we hope you feel inspired! If you would like to feature on our next Creative Hour, please get in touch via email.

Made by Cooper
1 July 2020

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