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A collection of Yorkshire Air Ambulance merch. A small soft enamel pin badge, a chunky soft enamel keyring, and a large woven patch, all sporting the new YAA red, black, and yellow logo and branding.

Fundraising Merch with Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We're industry experts when it comes to creating fundraising merch for charities. We've worked with some of the most well-known non-profit organisations in the UK.

So when the Yorkshire Air Ambulance came to us to create some new products for their fundraising efforts, we were only too happy to oblige.

What Does Yorkshire Air Ambulance Do?

Every year, Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopters attend over 1500 incidents across our beautiful county and transport more than 330 seriously injured patients to trauma centres around Yorkshire.

Covering more than 5 million people across Yorkshire, the Air Ambulance crew rushes to emergency incidents at speeds reaching 160 mph to administer lifesaving treatments and get seriously injured patients to hospital as fast as possible.

Where Is Yorkshire Air Ambulance based?

YAA actually has two bases of operation: one for each helicopter. 

The first helicopter flies out of Nostell Priory, near Wakefield, while the second is situated at RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Yorkshire Air Ambulances?

To keep these birds in the air, YAA needs to raise an eye-watering £19,000 per DAY to ensure Yorkshire's inhabitants have access to emergency care.

Who Funds Yorkshire Air Ambulances?

Contrary to popular belief, YAA does not fall under the NHS umbrella and relies solely on the generosity of the Great British public. This fantastic organisation gets no government funding; every penny they spend comes from donations, donors, and fundraising efforts.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Funding

One of YAA's most successful fundraising strategies is selling air ambulance merchandise to their supporters. It allows people of all ages and incomes to contribute to this fantastic cause while spreading awareness through word of mouth.

New YAA Merch

The YAA came to us because they wanted some new YAA custom merch to help raise more money than ever.

Here's what we made together.

A soft enamel circular pin badge featuring the yellow helicopter of the Yorkshire air ambulance on a red and black background. The words Yorkshire Air Ambulance encircle the badge.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Pin Badges

The pin badge is a fundraising staple for charities, so YAA's first port of call was our classic 22mm soft enamel pin badges with a textured finish to best compliment their intricate helicopter design.

A woven patch featuring the yellow helicopter of the Yorkshire air ambulance on a red and black background. The words Yorkshire Air Ambulance encircle the patch.

YAA Patches

Our woven patches are a superb product that appeals to outdoorsy types. We can incorporate extremely fine details into woven patch designs, and each unit is incredibly cost-effective. The iron-on backing they chose will be helpful for people without sewing skills and pilots in a rush.

A soft enamel circular keyring featuring the yellow helicopter of the Yorkshire air ambulance on a red and black background. The words Yorkshire Air Ambulance encircle the keychain.

YAA Helicopter Keyrings

These chunky 40mm soft enamel keyrings bring out the bold colours of the new YAA merch design and give supporters functional merch that helps the charity get closer to that £19,000 per day goal. 

We wonder if the pilots will have one on their helicopter keys?

How To Donate To Yorkshire Air Ambulance

As well as helping YAA by purchasing their fantastic new product ranges (shop now!), you can donate to their cause with one-off donations or regular contributions to keep their helicopters in the air.

If you've got any ideas for events or fun runs, you can request a fundraising pack directly from YAA to get you started.

Create Your Own Fundraising Merch

If YAA has inspired you to create charity pin badges, fundraising patches, or keyrings for a cause, we offer a FREE design service to help you get started.

Send us a message if you want to follow in the rotor blades of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance organisation.

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12 March 2024

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