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A collection of 7 horror pins badges from Mars Attacks, Taylor Swift's grave, Slimer from Ghost Busters, bottles of poison and a coffin.

Horror Pins - 10 Spooky Pin Badges to Give You The Chills

Are you ready to indulge in spine-tingling style with a look at some eerie enamel pin badge creations we've made for our clients?

We've brewed up a bewitching concoction of 10 spine-chilling and hair-raising horror enamel pins for your visual pleasure. Whether you're a horror aficionado or just someone with a taste for the macabre, our collection of these otherworldly pins is here to satisfy your craving for the creepy.

Join us as we embark on a bone-chilling journey through our ghoulish gallery of pins that are to die for & that are so spooktacular, they'll send shivers down your spine. 

A pin badge of a creepy, boney hand doing the Shaka sign.

Sinister Shaka Sign

The Shaka hand signal originated in Hawaii to convey the Aloha spirit. Though this hand sign is often used in surfer culture to "Hang Loose" or "Hang Ten," this spooky pin badge designer would rather this skeleton hand "Hang Dead."

A Skeletor pin badge, yet Skeletor has somehow aged. He has a long white beard hanging down from his boney chin.

Spooky Skeletor

By the power of Cooper, this badge is scary!

Skeletor wasn't just He-Man's arch nemesis; he was ours, too. He spent the 80s and 90s scaring the bejesus out of kids across the world. His terrifying plans to rule Eternia and blood-curdling cackle still give us goosebumps today. This Old-Man Skeletor (not sure how a skeleton grows a beard, but here we are) horror pin perfectly encapsulates this classic villain.

A horrifying pin badge of Freddie Kruegar with the front part of his face hanging off.

Frightful Freddie

We didn't think Freddie Krueger could be any more terrifying than he was in the Nightmare on Elm Street films until Nacho Scratcho unleashed this horrific faceless monstrosity. Nacho is the master of horror movie pins, and we doubt this will be the last we see of his work in this blog.

A collection of Salad Fingers creepy pin badges. Salad Fingers, Hubert Cumberdale, & Majory Stewart-Baxter.

Startling Salad Fingers

In 2004, David Firth brought Salad Fingers to life and created a cult classic. The seriously creepy Salad Fingers has a rusty spoon fetish, a penchant for self-harm, and an ability to accidentally hurt those around him despite his well-meaning nature. We created this set of spooky pin badges of Salad Fingers and his freaky finger puppets Hubert Cumberdale and Majory Stewart-Baxter. *Shiver*

A ridiculously creepy clown pin badge with crazy eyes and horrifying toothy grin.

Cackling Clown

Everybody hates clowns, right? This particular clown is an incredibly creepy pin badge thanks to its maniacal eyes, unsettling smile, and unholy aura, making it one of the most cursed clowns we've ever produced.

A Plague Doctor pin badge with a ornate shield and banner that says

Petrifying Plague Doctor

Plague doctors get a bad rap. Despite their courage and bravery in the face of horrific death and disease, they were often the last thing people would see before they died. Of course, they didn't help themselves with the hideous masks they wore to protect them from airborne diseases. Even though this spooky pin badge is beautifully designed, it still gives us the willies.

Charlie Brown covered in blood holding a chainsaw and a book, pin badge.

Chilling Charlie Brown

For over 75 years, the loveable Charlie Brown has endeared readers and viewers with his relatable loyalty and low self-confidence as he persistently tried his best, yet often failed. It seems the daily grind eventually got the better of him, and he's gone off the rails in this terrifying pin badge. Has anyone seen Snoopy? HAS ANYONE SEEN SNOOPY?!?!

A chilling pin badge knife with a skull face blade, soul-sucking eye and razor sharp teeth.

Spine-Tingling Skull Knife

Gigantic kitchen knives are often the murder weapon of choice of villains in horror movies, so they're already pretty scary. Despite its beautifully creative design, this skull knife pin badge still gives us the heebie-jeebies.

A pin badge of a teddy bear who has ripped his own heart out and is staring at it with maniacal eyes.

Twisted Teddy Bear

Is there anything creepier than something that's usually cute being distorted and twisted into something monstrous? A foul beast capable of ripping out its own heart and hoisting it high for the world to see. This formerly adorable bear pin badge is one of the most gruesome things we've ever created.

A pin badge of Jack Torrence from The Shining. Instead of bursting through the hotel door, he's bursting through his wife's face. He's covered in blood.

And Heeeerrreeee's Johnny!

No spooky pin badge horror blog would be complete without a visit from Jack Torrence, one of the most abominable movie characters of all time. Portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the movie adaption of Stephen King's The Shining, Jack can be seen in this horror pin busting through his wife Wendy's face rather than the hotel door. Truly spine-chilling work from our friend Nacho Scratcho.

If you can't handle any more spooky pin badges, check out some of our favourite cute pins to warm your heart and make you feel all fluffy inside.

How Can I Make My Own Horror Pin Badges?

Making your own scary pins couldn’t be easier. 

If you have demonic designs and eerie illustrations ready to go, head to our custom enamel pin badge page to place your order, or if you have ideas you want to bring to life (or should we say death?) and aren’t quite sure how to go about it, we offer a FREE design service with every order that will help you realise your vision while meeting our production guidelines.

Follow in the footsteps of all our creatives and be inspired to captivate your audience with spooky pins for backpacks, Halloween badges for jackets or horror movie flair to display.

Made by Cooper
4 October 2023

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