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International Women’s Day

Today, we celebrate women from all over the globe. It’s a chance to commemorate women’s history, see how far they have come, and strive for better equality in the future. There are many ways you can show your feminist pride, but of course, our favourite form is through pins. Wear your pins on your jacket or lapel to spread feminist flair in style. 

We celebrate the fantastic creations made by our lovely ladies all year round, not just on International Women’s Day. But today, we’d like to give them an extra special shoutout and showcase some products designed by some incredible women and created by us:


Merpinz acknowledges the struggles of being a mama and creates pins that empower mothers, letting them know it’s okay to find parenthood challenging and that they’re not alone. Her pin collection ranges from co-sleeping, encouragement and mum jokes about sleepless nights! The highs and lows of motherhood should be celebrated, and Merpinz does just that! Where would we be without mums? 


Mutha.Hood aims to empower women and girls through positive, solid, meaningful messages. The creator has designed pins that women can wear with pride to show their solidarity with women everywhere. Their products range from children’s toys and clothes to adult clothing and unique pins and patches, meaning you can show the younger generation how to be a girl boss from day one!  

Science Scribbles 

Science Scribbles is curated by Dr Lauren Callender, who aims to celebrate science and helps to promote diversity in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Science is a predominantly male subject, and women have often been underrepresented. However, Science Scribbles aims to make STEM subjects more inclusive. They offer pins that girls in STEM can wear with pride and showcase their love for all things science! 

The Vulva Gallery 

The Vulva Gallery is an educational platform centred around illustrated vulva portraits, personal stories and a unique, positive community - celebrating the vulva in all shapes and sizes across women across the globe. They have even collaborated with Netflix’s hit series Sex Education, which discusses the differences between different women’s vulvas on the show! 

We created custom socks for The Vulva Gallery that aim to celebrate diversity amongst women! What’s more empowering than wearing vulvas on socks?!


Rainbowology creates bright and colourful patches that touch upon important issues whilst adding an element of humour to them. Her patches must be an office favourite; we love creating them for her! 

Our Made By Cooper Women

Running Made By Cooper is a collective effort, with our employees working together consistently to bring your designs to life. However, our team would not be possible without all of the incredible women involved. Our group has plenty of strong women who aren’t afraid of trying to #BreakTheBias. Here’s a picture of our lovely girls standing up for equality:

Do you want to create pins that promote gender equality awareness? Well, you’re in the right place! Get in touch today to see how we can help you #BreakTheBias! 

Made by Cooper
8 March 2022

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