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Our Partnership With The Kirkwood Charity

The Kirkwood Business Movement is a collective of supporters passionate about caring for the most vulnerable in the community with a shared goal of improving the quality of life for local people in Kirkwood’s care. Kirkwood provides the best care for those with a life-limiting illness for however long they may need support.

They can help in a range of ways, including:

- Specialist advice on all aspects of controlling pain and other symptoms

- Emotional support and assessment of your needs

- Referrals to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or social worker if needed

- Support for your family, loved ones and carers, including counselling

- Information about your diagnosis and treatment

Support and advice are also available for families and loved ones, anyone living with, affected by or bereaved through a life-limiting illness. Kirkwood has a specialist Family Care Team who have a range of services which are all free. Anyone affected by a life-limiting disease can refer to these services (contact details below).

We recently joined the Kirkwood Business Movement and hope to assist Kirkwood with its fantastic work. As a team, we’ve pledged to Kirkwood that we will be passionate about their mission and will try to encourage those who may be the most vulnerable in the community to seek help through Kirkwood to improve their quality of life.  

Some Made By Cooper team members attended one of their recent events at Empire House, which consisted of networking with other local businesses and getting to know more about what Kirkwood does and how all the companies that attended can help. It was great to meet other like-minded businesses, and we look forward to forging a strong bond with them and creating a supportive network between us!

We’re looking forward to the future of our alliance! 

The Kirkwood Contact Details:

Palliative Care Team: 01484 557 906

Family Care Team: 01484 557 908

Made by Cooper
10 September 2021

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