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Three red silicone wristbands on a black background.

RFID Wristbands

Radio Frequency ID chips can be used in wristbands, when coupled with a reader there could be many different applications they could be useful.

  • School trips and head counts could be made easier
  • Entry to secure locks
  • Events and tracking attendees locations and what they found interesting with surveys

We can produce wristbands with RFID functions depending on the frequency of the reader.
LF 125KHz / HF 13.56MHz / UHF 860-960MHz (European 865-868MHz)

Use the LF if you just need it for enter/exit management, w/o extra function - TK4100, or compatible TK4100 chip)
Use the HF if you would like use it with records saving function - HF(NXP/Fudan/ISSI Mifare 1k chip)
Use UHF if you need it to read a longer distance sensibility - (Alien H3, Impinj Monza chip)

We have a varied amount of branded chips available - TK / Atmel / NXP / Fudan / ISSI / TI / Alien / Impij

Made by Cooper
31 March 2013
Ideas, Products, Wristbands