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Why are badges important in schools?

Schools have used badges for decades to signify prefects, head pupils, captains, librarians, and school council members. Pupils proudly wear the badges on blazers, bags, and school jumpers after earning these privileges through hard work and good behaviour.

More recently, education boards, teachers, and school faculties have started using badges to motivate and reward pupils and to mark achievements using trophies, stars, and shields.

The Made by Cooper logo flanked by a shield pin badge on each side. The orange shield reads

Stock Badges

We hold large stocks of Head Girl/Boy, 100% Attendance, Captain badges, and more, which are among the most affordable products on our website. Unlike our custom badges, our stock badges that we can quickly dispatch, and there’s no minimum order, so you can buy the exact amount you need without overspending. We have a wide range of colours so you can match the badges to your school’s colours.

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Awards & Rewards

We stock merit badges, trophy pins, star awards, and musical note pins that schools can use to reward high-achieving pupils and motivate others to do their best. Like our other stock badges, these products can be dispatched quickly and are a low-cost way of raising student morale and encouraging effort.

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Custom Text Badges

If our stock enamel pin badges don’t quite meet your needs, our custom text school badges give you the opportunity to get creative and make the school badges you envisioned while maintaining that classic school badge look. Add school colours or pupils’ names for the ultimate in school badge personalisation.

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House Badges & Sports Team Crests

If you want to get really creative, we offer custom enamel pin badges and embroidered or woven patches that you can use to create truly unique house badges (Harry Potter, anyone?) or sports crests for football shirts, rugby shorts, or swimming awards. The possibilities are endless, with creativity being your only obstacle. If you’re not artistically inclined, we offer a free design service with every paid order to ensure you get the perfect product for every situation.

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If you want to improve the productivity and morale of your students while encouraging them to be the very best versions of themselves, school badges could be the right product for you.

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10 June 2021
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