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Silkscreen Printing!

Silkscreen or Pad Printing are techniques which can be used to add spot colours to our products. As they are printed they do not have the same restrictions as enamel, they do not need to be outlined by metal or need to be a certain size, however its worth noting the smaller they are the detail and registration is not as accurate.

There are a few rules when it comes to this printing method, if you want to add printing to Soft Enamel then we must add an epoxy coating to the badge which will give it a smooth surface to print on, or it could be printed onto a flat metal area.

Hard Enamel is a flat surface so it can be printed directly on to the enamel, however we recommend not printing something that spans over both metal and enamel due to the metal parts being very slightly raised above the enamel (so not perfectly flat). This can cause some small issues so we would advise to print over either enamel or metal for each colour. 

When is it used?

  • It can be used to add highlights to a design.
  • Details that are too small to be enamel.
  • No metal outlines required.
  • Complex logos required for brand guidelines.
  • Different messages on a badge.

We price per colour and design added to each badge. Design is indicated by different shape and/or positions.

Silkscreen Printing

This technique is where a mesh stencil is made and placed over the product and then the ink is pushed through the template leaving the ink on the product. We can repeat this procedure for different designs and colours.

Pad Printing

Is a printing process that can transfer an image to a product using silicone pad that transfers the ink to the product by pressing it down on the item leaving the ink in the desired place.

We will use the best method based upon your design, colours and various other factors to ensure reproduction can be achieved.

If your require anymore information on Silkscreen or Pad Printing then please get in touch at where our talented design team can help.

Made by Cooper
1 April 2019