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Nacho Scratcho feature image

Nacho Scratcho - a creative pin badge designer

Creating and selling Pin Badges is ever popular with talented illustrators like Nacho Scratcho, who develop a range of unique and detailed designs to sell in their online shop. Their designs are inspired by various cult classics and fan culture, such as Evil Dead, Stranger Things, Star Wars and the Squid Game. The badges in the pictures are based on films The Lighthouse, The VVitch, Severen, Donnie Darko and Hereditary. 

Four examples of Nacho Scratcho's work.

Nacho’s pin badges achieve a high level of detail, and the preferred medium is hard enamel, with usually added extras such as silkscreen print colours, glitter and sometimes LED lights or additional fixings.

They are special collectable items, and usually, only a small quantity is produced to add to the limited edition feel of these badge designs. Nacho adds the designs to their shop for pre-orders, and then we deliver the required quantity. This is a valuable way for illustrators to gauge how many badges to produce depending on the product's popularity. However, with Nacho, you can see many are pre-sold very quickly, which is great to see how successful and profitable selling pin badges can be!

As we build relationships with our creative clients, we learn that a side business selling designs can quickly become so much more. It becomes a passion, a creative outlet and, sometimes, a full-time job. If you have considered turning your illustrations into merchandise for your friends or fans to wear proudly, our pin badges or patches could be for you.

Illustrators, creatives, and designers, if you are keen to explore the options available, please get in touch today, and our dedicated team will be able to assist you on how to embark on your pin-creating journey.

Made by Cooper
26 September 2022

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