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The Kirkwood Support Life logo in pink.

The Kirkwood Supporting Life & Local Businesses

As an SME, our local community is important to us, which is why we teamed up with The Kirkwood Support Life Foundation in 2021. Over the last two years, we’ve provided medals for memory walks, produced their awareness pin badges, and attended The Kirkwood events.

What is The Kirkwood Support Life?

The Kirkwood is a Huddersfield-based charity just a pin badge’s throw away from our HQ. Their mission is to provide the specialist care that adults with life-limiting illnesses in the local community desperately need.

Through education, training, and collaboration with local businesses, The Kirkwood aims to raise enough money and awareness to give patients dignified end-of-life care, which is free for anyone who needs it. 

Two people holding hands as one comforts the other in a hospital bed.

We believe The Kirwood provides an invaluable service to our local community and has a set of values that we look for when partnering with charities.

  • Respectful and Inclusive
  • Passionate and Determined
  • Open and Honest
  • Kind and Compassionate
  • Forward-thinking

What’s Been Happening With The Kirkwood and Made by Cooper?

To raise much-needed funds, The Kirkwood has 18 charity shops across Kirklees that rely on the generosity of local people and businesses. With Christmas fast approaching and families all over the region still feeling the bite of the cost of living crisis, The Kirkwood asked if our team could provide any donations of clothes, books, and toys they could sell at affordable prices to help families in need on two fronts.

We were only too happy to oblige.

A Kirkwood branded van picks up generous donations from Made by Cooper.

Thanks to our generous team, we eventually donated more than twenty cram-packed bags of pre-loved stuff, though only four of our camera-shy crew were willing to pose for a photo alongside the Kirkwood van.

The Kirkwood Connecting Local Businesses

As part of Kirkwood’s business movement, we’re connected to other local companies passionate about helping the most vulnerable across West Yorkshire while helping support the local economy.

In partnership with The Kirkwood Support Life, Filedoc Ltd hosted this quarter’s Business Movement Networking Event at their headquarters in Huddersfield. We sent our office manager, Gemma, and marketing executive, Paul, along to learn more about the charity, connect with local business leaders, and munch a croissant or two.

A meeting of local business leaders and a pull banner that reads

We’re so grateful to be a part of the business movement and found the event amazingly useful to share our services with other companies in Kirklees who might otherwise not have heard of us and discover products from local suppliers and providers we didn’t even know we needed.

How You Can Help

The Kirkwood is always looking for partners and Kirklees-based businesses to work with them to raise awareness of their cause, help to build relationships and connections around the district and donate money and pre-loved items to strengthen their coffers.

Helping Kirkwood support vulnerable community members is incredibly cathartic and good for your soul, but it’s good for your business, too. Contact The Kirkwood today and start building your own connections while doing some real good in Kirklees.

Made by Cooper
22 October 2023

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