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Custom pizza socks made with us by Ooni. The argyle pattern has been made to look like pizza slices.

The Expert’s Guide to Custom Socks: From Design to Delivery

Custom socks have become incredibly popular, with people looking for more personalised ways to express themselves, unique branding tools, or new products to sell online. 

Whether you want to create custom face socks for fun wedding favours, socks to show off your artistic side, or pairs of grip socks for your business or sports team, this guide will take you through the process from start to finish.

A pair of fun, purple, rainbow coloured socks made by one of our clients.

Designing Your Socks

The first step in creating your custom socks is to come up with a design. This can be anything from simple patterns or logos to detailed illustrations or characters to make superhero socks.

When perfecting your sock design, consider the different sock length options.

  • Crew
  • Half-Length
  • Ankle
  • No-Show

And sizes.

  • UK 3-5
  • UK 5-8
  • UK 8-11

If you're not artistically inclined, don't worry - plenty of online tools and services can help you create a design. You can use our custom sock template to play around with your ideas or utilise our FREE design service and take advantage of our professional expertise. Improve your branding and sales potential by adding card wraps or headers to give your socks that professional look.

Anti slip grip socks in darl blue with a mountain range at the top.

Choosing the Right Material

When it comes to custom socks, the material you choose is just as important as the design. Consider the purpose of your socks - will they be worn for athletic activities or lounging around the house? This will help you determine the best material for your socks. Some popular options include cotton, wool, and polyester blends.

We offer:

Some beautiful colour pink, blue, and navy socks with a tentacle-haired demon on them.

Finding a Manufacturer

Once you have chosen your design and material, it's time to find a manufacturer to bring your custom socks to life. Look for a company that specialises in custom socks and has a good reputation. We provide FREE samples to check if our quality meets your standards. We might be biased, but Made by Cooper is the UK's leading custom merch company for a reason, and we'll make your socks to your EXACT requirements.

Placing Your Order

When placing your order, provide all the necessary details, including the design, material, and quantity. The more information you can give us, the smoother the process and the quicker your socks arrive at your door. Double-check all the information before finalising your order to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Custom socks with little square heads with their tongues sticking out. The card wrap packaging reads

Delivery and Packaging

Once your order is placed, we'll begin the design and production process. Once you've paid, our design team will keep you updated every step of the way, giving you complete control over your design and unlimited edits of your original design. 

Once your socks are ready, we'll package them and ship them to your desired business, house, or wherever you want.

Promoting Your Custom Socks

Now that you have your custom socks, it's time to show them off! Share pictures of your socks on social media and encourage others to order their own. You can also wear them to events or give them as gifts to friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, so don't be afraid to promote your custom socks to others.

Our social subs and subscribers often ask us where they can buy the products we showcase, so tag us on Instagram, and we'll promote your products to our 50,000-strong community.

There's nothing quite like a little free publicity!

A pair of winter warmer custom socks featuring a snowy mountain top scene.

Key Takeaways

Custom socks are a fun and unique way to showcase your designs, promote your business, or to use as Kickstarter rewards. Following this guide, you can create custom socks from start to finish. Whether you want to design custom-branded socks to give away or sell or custom-illustrated socks to showcase your creativity, we'll help you develop the perfect product to meet your goals. 

So get in touch, and we'll get started on bringing your ideas to life.

Made by Cooper
8 January 2024

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