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Three Made by Cooper pin badges surrounded by coffee cups, drinks mats and custom patches.

Trade Show Giveaways!

Trade Shows are the up and coming ‘trendy’ way to effectively network with other organisations, engage in new opportunities and gain recognition for your business! But do you really know how to stand out against the competition?

If you are a company exhibiting at a trade show or business networking event, you most likely already have a budget in place to get your trade show display looking professional with a team of trusty colleagues. But, if you are unsure where to start or worried about the cost against a budget then do not worry, we have cost effective products that can be customised to meet your needs and still look professional. Alternatively, if you want to save some money, why not apply for FREE Lanyards for your event? Handing out custom made products such as Keyrings, Lanyards or Wristbands can encourage business growth as other organisations will begin to recognise your name and logo.

Most businesses, large or small, attending a trade fair are often looking for inspiration, building relationships or checking out the competition! With your company looking established and ready for business you’ll be sure to turn heads and draw the right attention to your exhibition! Trade show giveaways have been proven popular for generating brand exposure and depending on who your market is you can really play on this to interact with your customers. For example, maybe you are an established car group wanting to reach more clients within the industry, Custom Made Car Air Fresheners with your branding on can really be the personal touch needed for potential new business leads.

Our Custom Pin Badges can be used within your team to wear and share over the course of the event. Why not design pin badges with backing cards? Adding your companies logo and points of contact to a backing card as a marketing alternative is a great way to grab the attention of your demographic! This could be anything from your website, hashtag, social channels or apps, the possibilities are endless! Growing your visibility on social media is a powerful tool as a lot of first impressions are made via social media or online.

At business events and trade fairs most attendees are often bombarded with leaflets, brochures and business cards! Now, even though they are still effective ways to market your business they often get forgotten about after the event or thrown away. The key thing to remember is advertising doesn’t stop when the trade show does so with individuals wearing your merchandise on their clothing or laptop bags you can still create the exposure desired!

Our in-house design team are at hand to bring your ideas to life so send us an email at to get ready for your next event!

Made by Cooper
14 February 2019