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Trick or Treat Your Audience

Halloween has quickly become a popular commercial holiday in the UK and US. Figures have shown it is the second largest holiday after Christmas and is only on the up as different organisations adapt to the ever growing trend. Whether it is the haunting holiday starting earlier, the events getting bigger or industries getting better, getting your business involved has beneficial factors for both brand and client.

If you are looking for a professional and effective way to spread some spooky cheer this Halloween, without the high costs or sacrifice on quality, our custom made products are perfect. Use them in line of your up coming events, freebies in orders or promotional needs.

When creating pin badges, you can still interpret your organisations branding using your trusted colours and typography with a mix of Halloween themed illustrations and more. Why not create a pin badge in your logo, adding backing cards with a Halloween promotion to let your audience know you are thinking of them? Include them in you marketing this holiday to give them a sense of exclusivity. You can have FREE backing cards with your online order when using the code FREEBACKINGCARDS at the checkout. To find out more click here.

Adding extras such as glitter, glow in the dark and LED lights is also a fun way to stand out against the crowd this Halloween. Encourage your audience to snap, tag and share your pins on their social media platforms to reach a larger demographic. 

If you are a designer or illustrator looking to explore the pin world, then creating an exclusive limited edition range could be the perfect time to kickstart your side business. It gives you chance to connect with your friends and fans on a more personal level when seeing them rock your designs! Bring them to life for all to see, shop and wear. Our clients can maximize real profits by creating and selling alternative pin badges, tattoos, patches and more on online platforms such as Etsy.

Promotional jewellery and socks are also a fun and effective ways to get your customers treating themselves this Halloween. Our promotional jewellery can be used to bring you ideas to life in the form of necklaces, earrings and cufflinks.  

Get your items in production now to give yourself time to promote, sell and distribute for promotional or sale purposes. For more Halloween pinspiration and how you can trick or treat your audience this autumn, head over to our Instagram and Pinterest. If you would like to get started with a quote or design advice email our team today.

Made by Cooper
19 September 2020