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Nickel plate, green hard enamel adobe typekit badge

TypeKit Badge

TypeKit asked us to reproduce their logo in a badge and this is the result. The design is very simple and not much in way of design for us to do, but we helped guide them through the process and what would look best.

The TypeKit logo is actually a white 'T' on a green background but rather than use a white enamel for the 'T' we suggested we replace it with metal which to give it a higher quality finish and much more like a metal enamel pin badge. If we had used a white infill, then we'd need to outline that white with a metal die line, even though it would be only 0.2mm thick it would add and extra bold look to the 'T' and then doesn't look like the TypeKit logo.

We discussed silk screen printing the 'T' in white over the top of the green enamel but we wouldn't get the nice shiny enamel badge effect we achieved here.

Finshed badge:
  • 25mm
  • Imitation hard enamel
  • One enamel colour
  • Polished Nickel plating
Made by Cooper
8 August 2013
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