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Combat the Cold with Custom Winter Warmers

We’ve got merch for all seasons at Made by Cooper, and our range of custom winter products will keep your clients from getting cold, stop your supporters from shivering, and prevent your fans from freezing … all while rocking your logos, ideas, and designs.

Choose our completely customisable products this winter, and we’ll make sure your 100% bespoke merchandise is kept at the forefront of your client’s mind whenever they venture out into the cold.

A black custom beanie with a white branded logo embroidered on the front.

Knitted Beanie Hats

While the old myth “you lose 80% of your body heat through the top of your head” might not be entirely accurate, donning your favourite beanie when it’s cold outside is a surefire way to stop Jack Frost from stealing valuable body heat.
Imagine a legion of your followers or customers wrapping up warm this winter with your logo or design on the front of their beanie. We can help you make your own custom beanies with embroidered logos to encapsulate your brand and help you promote your business in a functional way.

A close up of a black baseball cap with Massive Wagons embroidered on the front.

Snapback Hats

Snapbacks are more than just one of the most stylish accessories on the market; they can keep you warm while looking cool as a cucumber. If your business or brand is suited to the outgoing and contemporary style of a snapback, you should consider these custom hats to showcase your logo or design, as they’ll make sought-after pieces of merch that your customers will proudly wear.

A black baseball cap with Victory Cafe embroidered in yellow.

Baseball Caps

The noble baseball cap has been used for decades as a stylish accessory that’ll keep your bonce warm. From the fields of America’s national pastime to the heads of people from all walks of life, classic baseball caps can be used in many ways to inject a little fun into your branding and marketing efforts.
We offer 100% customisable baseball caps, and you can choose every design aspect to meet your requirements, from the number of panels to the type of fabric, peak, closure, kind of logo and more.

A black and grey wintery sock with snow scenery.

Custom Socks

Nothing helps you feel more cosy in the cold weather than snuggling up in front of a roaring fire while wearing your favourite pair of snazzy custom socks to keep your toes warm. Our expert team can design your custom socks to meet your requirements to help your brand, quite literally, stand out.

You’ll be surprised how much detail we can include on our custom sock range, so don’t hold back, get creative, and make your socks to sell as merch, give away in competitions, or use for raising much-needed funds for charity.

Create Your Own Winter Warmers Today

Whether you already have a design in mind or need assistance getting your ideas out of your head and bringing them into the real world, our expert team can help you create the perfect winter merch for your business, organisation, or project. Better still, they can help you for FREE!

Contact us today, and we’ll put the wheels in motion to help you create custom winter warmers you’ll love.

Made by Cooper
24 November 2020

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