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Process of making toys

The length and number of steps taken to make toys varies to projects and budgets, but all have a similar process

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Ideas & Concept

Making toys and figures is fun! They could be for a marketing campaign, merchandise of your character and brand or simply you have an idea to make something cool, what ever this is we always keep this in mind at all stages


Most people have a budget, so based on ideas and concepts we will supply rough costs and estimates and help create something to your budget.


It can take about 12 weeks + at least making toys, so its always a good idea to be prepared in advance. and plan when deliverables are needed.

Think about the extras

  • Packaging

    We can help with packaging, boxes, window boxes, blister packs, what do you need?

  • Moving Parts

    Such as arms, heads and legs, we can make moving parts with variying complexity.

  • Accesories

    Extra things to complete the figure, for example creating a dog might want a separate bone.

  • Something else

    There are too many to mention, ask us how we can help.

Design & Prototype

Probably the longest part of the process but one of the most fun, with design revisons and discussing the finer details, we are still refining and testing the designs.

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With an approved concept we complete the toy design from top to bottom. Then we start prototyping, using a mix of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, hand sculpting, molding and casting. Once the model, sculpture or pattern is approved we create painted prototypes and begin designing packaging.


Prototyping is fun! Each review stage is exciting to see it finaly come together. We don’t stop until everyone is happy with it and the final prototype is approved.

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Our artisits can sculpt from initial sketches and ideas and create something amazing in 3D. These are made by hand.

3 Dimensional

3D prototypes are great as they instant graphics that can be scaled in size without having to make new clay prototypes.

Physical Sample

Depending on the project requirements, these can be made in differnt ways and are normally hand painted.


With the Final prototype approved moving to the full production we have to make the moulds and other painting or printing templates. We make the toys & collectibles from a variety of materials. First we make all individual parts, then finish, assemble and package.

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Quality Control

During production and assembly we perform multiple QC tests & reviews. We also complete all required safety testing, should you require extra safety checks we can help with this.


After the toys have been inspected for quality and packed, they're loaded onto a boat or plane on their journey to you.

Ask us how we can help with distrobution.

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About Your Project

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Some of the organisations we have worked with

  • Aardman
  • Amazon
  • Nike
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Lego
  • adidas
  • NHS
  • salvation army
  • ooni
  • tui
  • Ubisoft
  • British Broadcasting Company
  • Together for Short Lives
  • McLaren
  • National Geographic
  • Penguin Publishing
  • Virgin Holidays

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