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Unique Bid

Place a bid for Soft Enamel badges up to 30mm, 4 enamel colours, gold or nickel plated, rubber clutch inc shipping worldwide worth £174.

The aim of the game is to place the lowest unique bid on the auction, this is defined by being the only person to bid that amount, and that amount being the lowest.

The image above shows just how it works, as you can see the £1.27 bid is the lowest bid but more than 1 person bid at that value. The £1.29 bid is only bid by 1 person and is therefore the lowest unique bid and wins the auction!

Whoever has the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction wins and pays the price they bid! One bid per person!

**0.00 bids, minus bids and bids more than 2 decimal places will not be counted

Bidding for

Bidding ends 3rd May 2020 23:59 BST

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