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Can You Take Pin Badges on a Plane?

If you’re an avid collector of pin badges, you may wonder if you can bring them on your next flight. 

After all, these small yet popular items hold sentimental value and are often difficult to find. But before you pack your bags, it’s essential to know the rules and regulations surrounding your pointy collectables on a plane. 

This article will explore the guidelines for travelling with pin badges and provide tips for a smooth journey.

Quick Answer

Can you take pin badges on a plane? The short answer is yes, you can take your enamel pins on your next flight. But you should know the guidelines and restrictions of each airline before boarding with pin badges on your clothes.

A blue pin badge of an aeroplane tail fin that features the TUI logo.

What the Airlines Say ...

We contacted some travel companies to find out their policies on taking pin badges on planes. Here's what they said ...

KLM - "Yes. You can wear enamel pins on a plane and take them through airport security checkpoints.

You can generally bring an enamel pin with you on a plane, either on your personal items or carry-on bag. According to TSA guidelines, decorative pins and safety, enamel, acrylic, and straight pins are allowed in carry-on bags as per the general guidelines."

Easy-Jet - "You're allowed pin badges on planes in your hand luggage and hold luggage. Pin badges are allowed on board. Please ensure that the pin is not longer than 6 cm; otherwise, those would not be accepted."

Aer Lingus - "The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows enamel pins in your backpack because they typically don't pose a security concern."

After multiple attempts at getting a clear explanation from British Airways, we got an answer regarding sharp objects that would include enamel pins.

"Any item with a sharp point or cutting edge that could cause serious injury must be packed safely in your checked baggage in the hold. These items are not permitted in the cabin either on your person or in your hand/cabin baggage."

A vibrant pin badge of a pink flamingo inflatable carrying a cold pint of delicious lager.

Carry-On Luggage

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), pin badges are allowed in carry-on luggage. However, they may need to be screened separately from other items in your bag. This is because the metal in the pins can sometimes trigger the alarm on the X-ray machine.

To avoid any delays at security, it’s best to pack your pin badges in a clear plastic bag or a small pouch that can easily be removed from your carry-on. This will make it easier for the TSA agents to screen and prevent them from getting lost or damaged.

Checked Luggage

Pin badges are also allowed in checked luggage, but packing them carefully is essential to avoid damage. If you have an extensive collection of pin badges, it’s best to pack them in a hard-sided suitcase or a padded bag to protect them from being crushed or bent during transit.

It’s also a good idea to wrap each pin individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent them from scratching or damaging each other. If you have any particularly valuable or delicate pins, keeping them in your carry-on luggage may be best to ensure they are not lost or damaged during the flight.

A circular pin badge featuring landmarks of Berlin. The cityscape is in the colours of the German flag.

Tips for Traveling with Pin Badges

Research Your Destination

If you’re planning to purchase pin badges during your trip, it’s essential to research the rules and regulations of your destination. Some countries may restrict bringing certain types of pins into the country, or they may require you to declare them upon arrival. It’s always best to check with the customs agency of your destination to avoid any issues.

Pack Lightly

When travelling with pin badges, it’s best to pack lightly. This will not only make it easier to go through security, but it will also reduce the risk of losing or damaging your pins. Only bring the cute pins you need or want to display during your trip, and leave the rest at home.

Use a Pin Board or Display Case

If you plan on displaying your pin badges during your trip, consider using a pin board or display case. This will not only keep your pins organized and secure, but it will also make it easier to pack and transport them. You can find pinboards and display cases in various sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best fits your needs.

Keep Your Pins Safe

Pin badges are small and can easily get lost or damaged during travel. Use a pin locking back to stop them falling off. These small accessories can be attached to the back of your pin to prevent it from falling off or getting lost. They are handy for pins that have sentimental or monetary value.

A statue of liberty pin badge pinned to some stonewash denim.

Key Takeaways

You don't need to leave your favourite pin badges at home when you fly, as most airlines and airports let you carry your badges in your carry-on or checked-in luggage.

All the airlines who responded to our requests for information confirmed that you can travel with pin badges in your luggage, but it's a good idea to check with airports before attempting to fly while wearing your badges.

Finally, ensure you employ locking backs to stop your pins from falling off or pack them securely so they don't get damaged or damage any of your other property if you put them in your luggage.

If you want to make your own enamel pins, give our sales team a message and we'll walk you through our ordering process.

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8 February 2024

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