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Celebrating Unsung Heroes With Enamel Pin Badges

Every year, the Unsung Hero Awards are held to honour the non-medical professionals of the NHS and give them the recognition they deserve for helping to keep the wheels of our fantastic healthcare system turning.

We decided to sponsor this year's award ceremony and provide the official UHA pin badges.

Athlete presents an award at the Unsung Hero Awards 2024

What Are The Unsung Hero Awards?

The UHA was founded in 2015 to promote a sense of personal well–being and recognise the acheivements and hard work of non-medical/non-clinical NHS staff and volunteers.

The awards are shared out among all the non-medical sectors of the National Health Service, such as:

  • Admin & Clerical
  • It & Digital
  • Estates & Ancillary
  • Corporate Services
  • Volunteers
A man with grey hair celebrate the announcement of an Unsung Hero award winner.

The UHA co-founder, Laura Tomlinson, says of the awards, “The UHA carries weight as a National Awards through its approach in recognising those who can often go unnoticed. It is for this approach that we have been recognised by the NHS in such a positive way, something that was not intentional but definitely something we are very proud of. 

A sponsorship backdrop featuring the Made by Cooper logo.

The Unsung Hero Awards 2024

This year’s ceremony took place on Friday, March 15th, at the Manchester Hilton Hotel.

A room full of people at the awards ceremony applaud and cheers the winners.

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the ceremony as we were preparing for The Kirkwood Firewalking event, but we were there in spirit in the form of the UHA badges we produced to be given to attendees, and our logo featured far and wide on digital banners and sponsorship boards.

A Made by Cooper digital advert to help NHS organisations raise money.

UHA Soft Enamel Pin Badges

To commemorate the night, UHA asked us to make 500 soft enamel pin badges complete with custom backing cards as fantastic keepsakes of the memorable night.

An awards ceremony table with UHA pin badges provided by Made by Cooper.

To ensure their pin badges remained faithful to the Unsung Hero Awards logo, we used Pantone matching for colour accuracy and made the badges in soft enamel to ensure the fine details really popped on the pink background.

The official Unsung Hero Award pin badge with pink background and silver plating.

Make Your Own Recognition Enamel Pin Badges

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Made by Cooper
26 March 2024

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