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A barefooted fore walker saunters across red hot coals.

Flames & Fundraising With Our Firewalking Marketer

As one of the UK's leading custom merch companies, we often work side by side with instantly recognisable charity organisations. And as strong advocates of supporting local groups, we're always happy to team up with our friends at The Kirkwood to do what we can to help.

Our latest fundraising effort was probably our most out there event to date after our marketing executive, Paul, agreed to take on the challenge of a lifetime: the fearsome firewalk.

As a self-confessed "speak before you think" enthusiast, Paul jumped at the opportunity to take part without actually considering what the challenge entailed.

With his Just Giving page activated and the donations rolling in, Paul nonchalantly coasted towards the big day without giving so much as a second thought.

However ...

With only a few days until ignition, the nerves started to kick in, and the once-confident marketing exec became a whimpering shell of a man. But with all targets met and exceeded, he wasn't about to let The Kirkwood Support Life Foundation down.

A firewalking expert prepares the wood that will form the base of the flaming fire walk

What Is A Firewalk?

A firewalk is the act of walking barefoot across a 20-foot stretch of hot 'coals' as a test of courage and mental strength. Participants firewalk for many reasons—some for spiritual growth, some for personal development, and others, like our Paul, to raise much-needed funds for charity.

The basic premise is that you can achieve anything with the right mindset, preparation, and, of course, training.

Our marketer Paul, looking incredibly nervous before committing his feet to the flames.

Paul's Charity Firewalk - How Did It Go?

Even though we're sure we saw tears in his eyes and heard his knees knocking from the other side of the safety barriers, Paul became a fully-fledged fire walker after braving the firey path not once but twice.

Check it out!

It's important to note that this wasn't an event that Paul just showed up to do; he underwent extensive training provided by Blaze Firewalking, the world's prominent charity firewalking experts.

Paul is awarded with his certificate for successfully completing two firewalks.

And he's got a certificate (and a tiny blister) to prove it.

A ranging inferno that somehow dies down and doesn't burn the feet of participants.

How Is Firewalking Possible?

While charity firewalking is by no means safe, it's possible to do it without serious injury because science!

Even though the charcoal produced by the burning wood can reach temperatures upwards of 815C (Skin can suffer full-thickness burns at 52C), it's an extremely poor conductor of heat. So, anyone walking briskly over admittedly scary-looking glowing embers will not come into contact with searing coals for enough time to cause lasting damage.

The real challenge is getting your brain to believe the science when you come face to face with the field of incandescent ashes.

You Don't Need To Firewalk For Charity To Raise Much-Needed Funds

Paul's experience was a life-changing opportunity that raised hundreds of pounds to help people with life-limiting illnesses. 

But you don't always have to take on crazy and dangerous challenges to help those in need. We often help The Kirkwood raise money in more traditional ways, like selling custom enamel pin badges.

If you've got a fundraising idea, fire us a message, and we'll help you get started. 

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11 March 2024

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