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Woven vs Embroidered Patches: Which Is Better?

When creating eye-catching custom patches and cloth badges, you'll often find yourself at a crossroads: 

Should I choose woven or embroidered patches? 

Each type of patch has its unique qualities and caters to different preferences. Let's dive into the fine details to help you decide which option suits your needs.

The Base Material: Woven vs. Embroidered

We craft woven patches by intricately weaving thin threads together, akin to assembling a digital image with countless dots. This weaving technique creates intricate, high-quality designs, making them an excellent choice for designs with fine details, small text, and few colours.

Embroidered patches consist of thicker threads stitched onto a background fabric. Though embroidered patches may not offer the same level of detail as their woven counterparts, you can have up to 12 thread colours, and they have raised textures that give this type of patch a traditional aesthetic that patch fans love.

An embroidered green patch for the Between The Trees festival.

What are the Advantages of Embroidered Patches?

One significant benefit of embroidered patches is their ability to introduce texture and a three-dimensional effect into your designs. This tactile quality adds a distinctive touch that many brands and badge enthusiasts appreciate.

Moreover, the stitching technique employed in embroidered patches offers exceptional durability. Over time, these patches prove resilient against wear and tear, ensuring that your badge remains in pristine condition, making them a top choice for those valuing longevity.

A woven patch celebrating Kingston Upon Hull, with scenes from the local community woven in vibrant colours.

What are the Advantages of Woven Patches?

Woven patches are a better choice for cloth badges with a delicate design and fine-line details. One notable advantage of woven patches is their ability to showcase vivid and intricate designs with stunning clarity. Though the weaving process presents challenges regarding colour gradients, it ensures that your badge's fine details will shine through and be easily visible without distortion.

Additionally, woven patches maintain a sleek and flat appearance, which, while different from the textured and layered aesthetic of embroidered patches, can be highly desirable for those seeking a crisp, two-dimensional look.

Are Woven or Embroidered Patches More Expensive?

Cost is often a crucial factor in deciding between woven and embroidered patches. Woven patches are more cost-effective, especially if you're ordering large quantities. Since they use less thread and require fewer stitches, they are a budget-friendly choice for those looking to produce a significant number of patches.

On the other hand, embroidered patches, due to their labour-intensive stitching process, can be more expensive. However, if you value embroidered patches' traditional and textured appearance, the investment may be well worth it.

Key Takeaways

Choosing between woven and embroidered patches ultimately boils down to your design preferences and priorities.

Woven patches offer superior detail and cost-efficiency, while embroidered patches bring a premium, three-dimensional look and durability. Understanding each product can help you make an informed decision, ensuring your patches align perfectly with your vision.

Our friends at Conquer Lake District and the Rebel Badge Book are perfect examples of how each patch type is perfect for different businesses.

So, when embarking on your next patch project, consider the base material, refined design, fine details, high quality, and budgetary constraints to choose between woven and embroidered patches.

And when you've made your mind up, drop us a message, and we'll help you get your design production-ready with our FREE service.

Made by Cooper
22 January 2015

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