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A broken heart pin badge on a red backing card

6 Ways to Improve Your Business With Enamel Pin Badges

Used correctly, enamel pin badges are powerful tools to improve brand awareness, increase profits, raise employee morale and much more.

Here are 6 ways you can use enamel pin badges to bring sought after attention to your business.

Soft enamel pin badge of a fancy building on a blue backing card that says

Diversify Your Product Range & Improve Profits

One of the most obvious ways you can use enamel pin badges in your business is to sell them.

People love lapel pins, there are whole communities formed around enamel badges, millions of people flock to Instagram everyday to show off their flair, in fact, we’ve got over 55,000 followers regularly looking at our grid.

The market for pin badges is huge, and if your business allows for it, selling enamel pins in your store or online shop and creating collectable pin sets is an excellent way to bring in some extra revenue.

A pizza slice pin badge with

Spread Brand Awareness & Have Some Fun

There are limitless ways to spread the word of your company, however pin badges are an often overlooked way of getting the name of your business into people’s minds. The enamel pins we make for our clients lets them produce a fun product range that stays true to their brand.

One of the best examples we’ve seen of a company adding fun to their brand with lapel pins and patches is Ooni Pizza Ovens whose brand awareness is so epic, we wrote a case study about them.

A collection of Nike pin badges in the shape of a medal with the words

Motivate & Reward Your Employees

Improving your business from within is one of the most efficient ways to ensure your success and your productivity will be at its highest when your employees are happy and motivated. Using pin badges to reward staff for their hard work, length of service, or team building leadership will ensure they feel valued, appreciated, and motivated.

A pin badge & backing card to celebrate 5 years of the Positive People of Secret Cinema.

Build a Community & Identify Loyal Customers

The most successful businesses can build communities around their brand that their customers remain loyal to and are proud to represent. Custom pins are a cost-effective way to give your community members a sense of belonging and when people are excited about what you do, they’ll talk about you to their family and friends.

A sushi pin badge on a brown backing card with a cats paws holding chopsticks.

Giveaways, Trade Shows & Marketing Hooks

Everyone loves free stuff and you’d be surprised how many people would be willing to sign up for your newsletter, competitions, or email marketing in exchange for some complimentary goodies. If you attend trade shows, host giveaways, or are looking for a new marketing hook, enamel pins are a unique and affordable way of adding value to your goody bags and marketing packs.

A soft enamel pin badge that says

Spread Your Message

You’ll often see presenters, celebrities, and local politicians sporting pin badges to support their favourite charities or bring awareness to mental health issues and causes. A Pin badge is a subtle yet instantly recognisable method of delivering messages, and if your business has something to say, enamel pins can help get the word out.

Make Pins Work For You

You could implement one or all of these strategies to help you improve your business by using enamel pin badges to your advantage and it’s never been easier thanks to our FREE design service that comes with every order. 

We take the stress out of pin badge production by designing your pins from your original artwork, be it a jpeg of a company logo, a simple sketch of your idea, or even a description of what you’d like to produce. We’ve got you covered.

Made by Cooper
11 October 2021

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