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The Bradley Lowery Foundation logo.

Pin Badges for the Bradley Lowery Foundation

We work with a lot of charities, each as worthy as the next. 

But few fundraising foundations have touched our hearts as deeply as the charity inspired by the story of little Bradley Lowrey.

The Bradley Lowrey Foundation recently contacted us to make their BLF heart logo pin badges to sell on their website to help raise money for families in need, fund vital research, and raise awareness of this devastating disease.

So we spoke to BLF about Bradley, their mission, and how you can help.

Bradley Lowery attends a Sunderland game. On the pitch, he gives a gloved two thumbs up alongside his trademark cheeky smile.

Who is Bradley Lowery?

Bradley's story captured the hearts of the nation in 2017 when he became the Sunderland FC mascot as the Black Cats took on Chelsea at the Stadium of Light.

After holding the hand of Sunderland striker Jermaine Defoe as he walked out on the pitch, word began to spread about Bradley's battle with cancer as strangers fell in love with the little boy from Blackhall Colliery, who seemed undeterred by the cruel hand he'd been dealt. 

We learned that Bradley was only 18 months old when doctors diagnosed him with neuroblastoma, which eventually saw tumours spread through his chest, lungs, and bones.

After several rounds of chemotherapy and major surgery, Bradley went into remission for 18 months before his family made the heartbreaking announcement that his cancer had returned in 2016.

Inspired by Bradley's passion and unwavering spirit, his family fought to raise £700,000 to send him to America for specialist treatment.

As Bradley's relationship with Jermain Defoe blossomed, his story reached football fans of all clubs around the country, and his campaign adopted the "Cancer Has No Colours" slogan to show that we can find unity and compassion in even the most tribal of places.

Despite the last-ditch attempts of the NHS to administer pioneering treatment to give Bradley extra time to experience life, he sadly passed away, aged 6, on July 7, 2017.

Determined to honour Bradley's memory, his family formed 'The Bradley Lowery Foundation' to ensure his tragic passing wasn't the end of his story and to do all they could to help other families going through similar struggles.

Bradley lived more in his few short years than many people live in a lifetime, and the Bradley Lowrey Foundation wants to give that same opportunity to as many kids as possible.

Bradley Lowery scores a left footed goal at the Stadium of Light, it was later voted Goal of the Month on Match of the Day.

What Does The Bradley Lowery Foundation Do?

The Bradley Lowery Foundation emerged as a testament to Bradley's family's enduring love and resilience. Established in 2017, this BLF strives to help children with life-limiting illnesses, offering support for families to fundraise for treatment or equipment not available for free on the NHS, treatments, creating unforgettable experiences, and providing invaluable emotional support to poorly children and their families.

At the core of the foundation's mission is a commitment to positively impacting the lives of those facing childhood illness. From funding research to facilitating unforgettable experiences, the Bradley Lowery Foundation is a beacon of hope for families navigating the complexities of life-limiting conditions.

We spoke with the BLF to learn more about their mission and what they've achieved so far.

Can you share some insight into the specific challenges that families with children facing life-limiting illnesses often encounter and how the BLF is working to help reduce the effects of these challenges?

At the Bradley Lowery Foundation, we help families fundraise for treatment or equipment that is unavailable for free on the NHS. Since starting the charity in 2017, we have supported multiple fundraising campaigns for cancer treatments abroad in countries such as America, Mexico, and Barcelona. We have also assisted families in fundraising for autism support dogs, specialised wheelchairs and stem cell treatment in Panama, to name just a few.

The BLF has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the lives of many families. Could you highlight a particular success story that stands out to you, illustrating the positive outcomes of the foundation's efforts?

We have supported many families here at BLF, each just as important as the last. One which stood out for us was a campaign for a little girl called Ivy-Louise. 

Ivy was just a baby when her family signed up with us to fundraise for a vaccine to reduce the chances of their daughter's cancer returning. This was the same treatment we had originally fundraised for Bradley. When Ivy's target was reached, and she received that first vaccine, it truly meant the world to her family and us, too. 

Supporting research is a crucial aspect of the foundation's mission. Can you elaborate on the types of research initiatives you're involved in and how these efforts contribute to advancements in the field of childhood illness?

BLF have funded £230,000.00 into Neuroblastoma research, £30,000.00 into DIPG research and £15,000 into Ewig sarcoma research. Finding better and safer treatments is one of our main objectives, and we work in collaboration with a number of charities to ensure that the money raised is going to the best possible research projects.

Bradley Lowery's infectious joy touched the hearts of people worldwide. How has the foundation continued to spread his spirit of hope and unity within the affected communities and on a broader scale?

Our charity is all about positivity. Where there is life, there is hope, and this is something we live by. Families come to us at their darkest time, not just for fundraising support but also to chat about what they are going through. A lot of families don’t want to burden their relatives with how they are feeling, so we are also here to listen and offer advice.

Charitable organisations often face unique challenges, especially over the last few years. How have you adapted in the face of problems, ensuring its continued ability to support families in need? 

I think most businesses can agree that the past few years have been some of the most difficult, and it is certainly no different for charities. Here at BLF, we have found adapting our fundraising and support with the times very important. For example, as people now have less spare cash than ever, we try our best to offer our donors something for their support, such as our pin badges. We have also adapted our support to the families we support. We are now showing them how to raise funds online and speaking with them via Zoom calls rather than visiting in person.

The BLF logo turned into a soft enamel pin badge.

How You Can Help The Bradley Lowery Foundation

You can help The Bradley Lowrey Foundation in loads of ways. From buying custom merch from their shop or making one-off donations to becoming a foundation volunteer or corporate sponsor, the incredible people at BLF will be extremely grateful for any assitance, large or small, you can provide.

If you want to create fundraising merch for your charity or organisation, email us your ideas, and we'll help you bring your designs to life.

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15 December 2023
Charities & Fundraising

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