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Rainbows For NHS

In these dark times, colourful rainbows are brightening spirits and bringing hope to the nation. Families are drawing rainbows and placing them in windows to show support whilst at home. The rainbows symbolize hope, love and support for NHS workers and the bravery of all staff.

Since last year, we have worked closely with the NHS bringing Rainbow NHS Badges to hundreds of NHS trusts around the country. The Rainbow NHS Badge project was started at Evelina London Children’s Hospital as a way to clearly send a message that Evelina London is a "non-judgemental and inclusive place for children, young people and their families who identify as LGBT+". The badges are part of a project where staff are educated about the challenges LGBT+ people may face when accessing NHS healthcare. It gives them the resources to support and advocate for LGBT+ people, with an emphasis that wearing a badge is a responsibility.

The Rainbow Badges are available to authorized buyers (NHS hospitals or organizations who put this model into practice). Anyone interested in learning more can email the Rainbow Badge team or follow their journey via Twitter @RainbowNHSBadge.

We would like to thank all key workers worldwide for their great bravery and our amazing NHS for being the superheros they always are at this time. Thank you, from Made by Cooper.

Made by Cooper
6 April 2020

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