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Five pin badges attached to fun and colourful backing cards.

What Are Pin Badge Backing Cards?

Pin badge backing cards, a term familiar to pin collectors and sellers, are more than just pieces of cardstock. They serve a crucial function in presenting, protecting, and branding pin badges

Read on to find out exactly what they are, what they do, why they are a good idea and awesome examples of how our clients have used them.

Three colourful enamel pins on branding backing cards.

Function and Benefits of Badge Backing Cards

Badge backing cards are not just a canvas for showcasing pins; they are a unique tool that can enhance the perceived value of your pins. Their versatility in size and design, often tailored to match the theme or brand associated with the pin badge, sets them apart and makes them a valuable addition to your packaging strategy.

Branding and Presentation

One of the primary benefits of using badge backing cards is the branding opportunity. 

A well-designed backing card can reflect the identity of the creator or seller, making the product instantly recognisable and increasing brand loyalty. For those selling pin badges, this can be a game-changer in marketing and customer retention, empowering them to build their brand strategically and confidently.


Backing cards offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they provide a practical function. By securing the pin badge onto a sturdy card, they minimise the risk of damage or loss during transport and display. This reassurance can instil a sense of security and confidence in collectors and resellers, and ensure the product reaches the customer in tip-top condition.

Custom pin badges on tailor-made badge backing cards.

What Size Are Badge Backing Cards?

Our typical backing card size is 85mm x 55mm. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to badge backing cards' dimensions. 

The dimensions of your badge backing card largely depend on the pin's size and the card's design. When you order with us, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your needs with our expert design team. They'll provide recommendations tailored to your pin and branding, as part of our FREE design service.

Customisation Options

Customisation is not just an option; it's a crucial aspect of badge backing cards. While standard sizes are available, many sellers opt for custom-sized cards to fit their unique pins perfectly. This bespoke approach allows for complete creative control over the look and feel of the packaging, making each pin badge a unique piece of art and a powerful branding tool.

Some of our custom enamel pins attached to protective backing cards.

Packaging Ideas with Badge Backing Cards

Badge backing cards are a blank slate for creative packaging ideas. This means you can start with a simple, plain card and transform it into a unique, eye-catching design. The possibilities are endless, whether you're incorporating eye-catching graphics, using special paper materials, or adding unique finishes like foil stamping or spot UV. Clever packaging can make a pin badge stand out in a crowded marketplace, enticing collectors and casual buyers.

Here's how some of our clients have used pin badge cards to stunning effect.

To Promote a Brand or Business

Three pin badges on backing cards that companies use for brand awareness.

Adding backing cards to your pin badge order is the perfect opportunity increase brand awareness of your business or organisation.

To Recognise Milestones & Achievements

Three clever customers used backing cards and pin badges to create a bigger picture.

Enamel pins are excellent products to reward employees, team members, and students. Backing cards can compliment them perfectly.

To Paint a Bigger Picture

Pin badges with backing cards that make a bigger overall picture.

If you design and sell pin badges for a living, adding cards to your pins that improve the aesthetics of your products can increase saleability.

To Promote Social Media Accounts & Websites

Three badges with backing cards that the designers use to advertise social media accounts and websites.

To get word out about your business or organisation you can use them to add your links, URLs, and QR codes to bring traffic to your chosen platforms.

To Have Some Good Old Fashioned Fun

Enamel badge cards that provide some light relief.

Of course, you don't need to take life so seriously all the time, backing cards can add an element of fun to your product which can potentially improve the collectibility of your pins.

Three beautifully coloured backing cards with pin badges.

Key Takeaways

Pin badge backing cards are versatile tools for elevating their pin game. Whether you're a creator, collector, or reseller, understanding badge backing cards' function, benefits, and customisation options can help you make informed decisions about your packaging needs. 

By effectively leveraging these cards, you can enhance the presentation, protect your products, and ultimately leave a lasting impression on your customers.

For more information on the world of pin badges and their accessories, keep exploring our content or contact our team who'll provide all the answers to your questions.

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16 May 2024

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