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Five pin badges. They all have vibrant backing cards related to the pins.

Upgrade Your Pin Badges With FREE Backing Cards

Backing cards can elevate the look of your enamel pin badges and give them an even higher quality feel, but did you know that you can get them for FREE?


Why Choose Backing Cards?

Backing cards are a simple way to upgrade your products, and you can do it for free!

While a pin badge can be a thing of beauty, adding a backing card can take the aesthetic appeal to the next level. Make cute pins more adorable or horror pins more terrifying with added imagery for FREE!

A collection of five pin badges attached to brightly coloured and beautifully designed backing cards.

How Can I Use Backing Cards?

The only limit is your imagination.

Our clients have designed everything from simple cards with their business name and logo to elaborate designs that combine cards and badges to create a bigger picture.

Five Pride and LGBTQ+ enamel pins and their backing cards. Themes revolve around Star Trek, Start Wars, Pokemon, & Pirates.

Advertise your website, link to your social media platforms, crack a joke, promote your event, or send a message. 

Get creative and have fun.


How Do I Get FREE Backing Cards?

Use the code FREEBACKINGCARDS at checkout for your next online order, and we’ll send you them free of charge.

Important! When placing your order, make sure you select “No” in the backing card option or you will be charged for your cards. 

You’ll need to agree to a couple of rules to be eligible for your free cards:


  • Only redeemable online.

  • Printed single-sided.

  • Available for Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Printed, Die Struck, and Rainbow Plated badges.

  • Upload your backing card design at the same time as your badge design.

  • Badges will not be pinned to the cards (they will arrive separately).

  • You must supply the image file ready to print (300dpi or vector eps).

  • Card dimensions must be 85x55mm (portrait or landscape, we don't mind).

  • Can not be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer.

Available on both and

Made by Cooper
20 January 2021

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