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Charity and Fundraising

If you are wanting to raise awareness and recognition for a Charity or Fundraising event, we can help bring your ideas to life. Maybe your charity has a logo that you want to create on a range of different products to help create maximum exposure?

Pin Badges are a popular and affordable way to promote awareness with cost effective options to encourage funds against a budget. Our Button Badges are also a favoured promotional item as they are available in...

Keeping Morale High With Pin Badges

Whether you are working from home, furloughed or a key worker in these strange times, keeping morale high within the workplace can be challenging. Why not let your employees or organisation know you are thinking of them through the tough times with pin badges? Pin badges can spread a message of positivity and beyond to feel connected. Wear a badge on your lapel, lanyard or uniform and stay united whilst at home.

There are many ways to incorporate your branding into pin badges with reflecting positivity at the heart of it. Add your organisations colour pallette with typography and illustrations, or add custom back stamps...

Creative Hour With Doodles by Ben

​This week, we virtually sat down with Ben, from Doodles by Ben, to chat about life in lockdown. We wanted to understand how our creative clients are managing at this time from online shops, working from home and designing to manufacturing, shipping and more. Ben opened up about his personal pandemic experience and his future plans for Doodles by Ben.

I work from home in a little back bedroom/office. I am next to a main road and traffic keeps trundling past. Sat at my desk with music playing, it is hard to imagine that the world outside that room has changed so dramatically. My regular...

Rainbow Heart Badges

In these dark times, colourful rainbows are brightening spirits and bringing hope to the nation. Families are drawing rainbows and placing them in windows to show support whilst at home. The rainbows symbolise hope, love and support for NHS workers and the bravery of all staff.

We would like to thank key workers worldwide for their great bravery and our amazing NHS for being the superhero's they always are. We have designed and made a limited edition Rainbow Heart Badge to show our gratitude and support. With every Rainbow Heart Badge sold, we will donate all profits to the NHS. To...

Lowest Unique Bid

For Enamel Badges Worth £174!

Place a bid for Soft Enamel badges up to 30mm, 4 enamel colours, gold or nickel plated, rubber clutch inc shipping worldwide worth £174.

The aim of the game is to place the lowest unique bid on the auction, this is defined by being the only person to bid that amount, and that amount being the lowest. The image above shows just how it works, as you can see the £1.27 bid is the lowest bid but more than 1 person bid at that value. The £1.29 bid is only bid by 1 person and is therefore the lowest...

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